A Commitment to Safety Supported

CCI’s formal safety program was developed specifically for our employees and subcontractors, as their safety is of the highest priority to our business. We are proud of the fact that safety is a core component of our culture, with the full support and commitment of everyone throughout the company, to create a safe and positive work environment.

Our comprehensive program incorporates several specialized training programs into the overall CCI safety program to meet or exceed OSHA requirements. Additionally we provide continuous safety training for all operations employees every four weeks, weekly jobsite safety meetings and daily/weekly safety inspections by Superintendents. And, to ensure we receive an objective assessment of our safety practices, we utilize third party safety inspectors to conduct random jobsite safety inspections every month.

CCI’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the guidelines and protections offered by our safety program be incorporated into our projects by all CCI employees, as well as trade contractors and subcontractors.